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Rich Kids of Saudi Arabia flaunt their lives on Instagram

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There’s no shortage of rich kids parading their private jets, luxury shopping hauls and magnums of champagne on social media.

But an Instagram account documenting the exploits of the moneyed elite of Saudi Arabia may just be the most extreme yet, with these rich kids preferring to show off their wealth with weapons and very dangerous animals.

An exotic creature such as a cheetah cub, a monkey or even a tiger is the preferred pet of the nation’s wealthy elite, while earlier this year a Reddit user shared an image of 80 birds of prey being flown on a passenger jet by a Saudi Prince, with their wings tied so they couldn’t fly around. The transportation of falcons on Middle Eastern airlines is fairly commonplace.

While the desert provides the perfect race track for the obligatory supercars, rich Saudis also like to accessories their luxury vehicles with a weapon such as an assault rifle.

An exotic pet such as a cheetah is the ultimate status symbol for the moneyed elite of Saudi Arabia 

A rare snap of a very glamorous Saudi woman being chauffeur driven in the country where women are not allowed to get behind the wheel

Best of friends? A man bravely rests his head on the back leg of a large adult tiger 

A Reddit user shared an image of 80 birds of prey being flown on a passenger jet by a Saudi Prince

Forget about the designer shopping: A collection of weapons seems to be a much more valued symbol of wealth 

The moneyed elite of Saudi Arabia have been flaunting their wealth via the Rich Kids of Saudi Instagram account 

Adventure Saudi style: The desert makes the perfect racing track for your collection of supercars 

Some people like a chihuahua they can dress in pink and pop in a handbag, but this individual opted for a cheetah cub 

Protection! A man in a balaclava poses in front of a luxury vehicle brandishing a handgun, with a baseball bat propped up nearby

They may be small and cute now, but what happens when these cheetah cubs are full grown?

It's illegal to own a cheetah as a pet in this country, however in the United Arab Emirates, some Western Asian countries, and in some parts of Africa there are no restrictions

The most-sought after 'pet' for the wealthy is an exotic animal such as a tiger, cheetah or a lion


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