The Rise Of Youtube Stars: Wanna Become One?

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It goes without saying that videos and video content is the next big thing in the world of social media and sharing information. And with the rise of the YouTube stars, it is believed that fame and fortune can be easily attained.

Sometimes videos can convey ideas and messages more effectively than written words, or still imagery. And thanks to technology, it is now easier than ever to create good quality videos using your smartphone.

Here we will explore how to produce videos that boast the two most important assets: High quality, and useful content.

First of all, in addition to your own smartphone, what you will ideally require to create your videos is a few devices to improve the production quality of said videos. These devices are a tripod, a smartphone holder for your tripod; these two will keep your smartphone steady and leave your hands free. A plug-in microphone for your smartphone is perfect for the sound quality of your video. And if your smartphone is an android, there are many apps to choose from to help in video production; one of the most popular apps is called “Open Camera” and is free to download.

Secondly, there are a few steps to take into consideration if you want positive outcomes for your videos. At first, you have to prepare content for filming. Then, you must select a suitable location that is well-lit with zero distractions and no clutter. Next, frame your shot to know where you should be sitting and at which angle you will be looking at the camera while communicating with your audience. Before shooting your video, make sure to practice first by recording a test video. Once you get it right, you will be ready to record and upload the video that will take you to your YouTube stardom. A few small but important notes nonetheless: Make sure to clean your camera lens, enable flight mode (to avoid interruptions through phone calls and texts), and set “exposure” to manual.


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