Rising suicide cases in the UAE tied to job frustration

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Dr. Sam Omara, counselor at the Ugandan Embassy in Abu Dhabi said many of the suicide cases result from frustrations that lead to depression. “I believe most of these people decide to end their lives because of frustrations,” Dr Omara told Khaleej Times. “Some of these people are told by recruitment companies that they are coming here to good jobs and with big salaries, and when they get here, they get frustrated when they find things are different.

“Some people find the working conditions, weather and culture different; some domestic workers, especially housemaids, are being mistreated by employers and this can lead them into making bad decisions, especially when they don’t have anyone to speak to about their problems.

Dr. Omara urged recruitment companies to be honest to workers before bringing them over to work in the UAE, about the type of work they are going to do, salaries, working conditions, the weather, cultures and traditions.

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
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