Riyadh: Darea Nights Launched During Holy Month of Ramadan

darea nights
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Darea nights kicked off under the “Ramadan Season” in the city of Riyadh for the holy month during the evening from 9:30 pm until 2:00 am.

The event focuses on showing the strength of the architecture, the economy laterals of the Kingdom as well as the social, cultural, historical aspects for the Darea area in a step to link the roots of establishing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its present and future.

The Darea nights welcome the people of Riyadh through beautiful interactive Ramadan activities full of attractive events inspired by the holy month and sculptured to be innovative during the holy period.

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The event seeks to develop the position of the Darea part of Riyadh, locally, regionally, and internationally as well as to enhance family values through the Ramadan interactive atmosphere by allowing its visitors to explore the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a modern way.



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