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Rolling with the times – Jeremy Canivet, The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain

Gulf Insider interviews Jeremy Canivet, Director of Sales and Marketing of
the Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain

What is the scope for further digital transformation in the hospitality sector?

We are seeing much more impact through social media channels than ever before. As people stay at home, their smart phone becomes their planner. The use of Mobile App check in, touchless payment, and QR Code menus have also been fast tracked into use, and are proving incredibly successful.

How is the Ritz-Carlton preparing to receive dine-in guests, both outdoors and in?

At the Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain, we are blessed to have the variety of dining venues we have. You could stay with us for two weeks and enjoy the cuisine from a different venue each night! As dining restrictions are relaxed, we will soon be opening our terraces for al fresco dining, and from now, groups of up to 20 persons can enjoy in any of our restaurants. From the end of September, all of our restaurants will be fully open in accordance with the Government regulations.

How is the general sentiment, do you feel people are confident to return to restaurants and hotels?

We believe that after months of home cooking and limited interaction, there will be an enormous demand to get out,eat out and socialize.

Do you feel the hospitality sector will benefit from the lifting of 10-day quarantine for arriving travelers?

Yes of course. The average length of stay for international visitors is between 7-9 nights, so these visitors will only come, if they can truly enjoy the destination without confinement.

There was a lot of buzz around your Plexiglas visors for diners. What is it all about?

The purpose of installing PLEX’EAT was not solely based on providing a “Pod of Safety”, but rather to add an artistic, futuristic component to our hotel, which is already adorned with some incredible pieces of art.

Additionally, PLEX’EAT, has become quite the “selfie” spot in our Gourmet Lounge, and has garnered quite a bit of organic attention in social media. Is it the new normal? Certainly not, but it is a conversation starter, and has attracted many people to visit our Gourmet Lounge.


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