Russian Model jumped from sixth floor to avoid rape and lands in jail

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DUBAI: A 22-year-old Russian model in the UAE was reportedly taken into police custody after her release from a hospital ward.

The mother of the Russian girl, Ekaterina Stetsyuk, told that the location of her daughter is unknown, but she assumed she was in a jail cell.

On March 3, Stetsyuk plunged from the sixth floor of a building while trying to run away from a man who presumably wanted to force her to have sex with him by threatening her with a knife. She managed to grab hold of it and wound him.

Then, she ran and leapt out of the hotel room, breaking several spinal bones and sustaining other injuries. She has since undergone surgery, during which she was fitted with several implants.

She has contacted relatives in Russia several times over the past several weeks to keep them updated on her health.

The woman claims that the man who had attempted to sexually assault her daughter had hired a lawyer and reported the incident to the police, and stated that she had attacked him with a knife, prompting him to defend himself and push her from the sixth floor of a building.

“I know nothing about her, where she is and how she feels. I am totally desperate,” said Inga.

However, the unnamed man has reportedly made a counter claim that she attacked him and the model is now ‘in custody’ in her hospital bed. Unverified allegations have also been made that she was working as an escort in Dubai.

The man is reported to run a business in Dubai. He claimed Ekaterina had attacked him and he had to defend himself.

 Friends say it was a 'miracle' that she survived
Friends say it was a ‘miracle’ that she survived

According to Ekaterina’s mother and friends, the girl is a very kind and sensitive person. She has been working to earn money and financially support her family, including her two year-old-brother in the Siberian city of Irkutsk. Before heading to Dubai, she previously worked in South Korea, where she advertised goods and worked as a runway model.


Source Credit: Sputnik


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