Russian Plane From Bahrain Makes Emergency Landing Over Bomb Threat

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A Russian Ural Airlines plane has made an emergency landing in Baku after a passenger left a note claiming a bomb had been planted on board, say reports. The plane was flying to the Russian capital from Bahrain, Reuters reported earlier.

Flight U6-1116 was en route to Moscow’s Domodedovo airport when the crew “received information about possible restricted items” on board, a spokeswoman for Ural Airlines said.

The crew of the Airbus A-321 plane requested an emergency landing at the nearest airport to have checks carried out and it landed in Baku, she said.

A passenger had left a note warning of a bomb in one of the plane’s toilets, said reports. Reports say the Baku airport’s press service said the flight had made a safe landing with at least 225 on board. Passengers were then evacuated at Heydar Aliyev International Airport after the captain asked for a search of the aircraft. They were led into two buses and taken to a terminal.

The passenger- was being interrogated by the Azerbaijan security services, reports said.

Local media reported no such device had been found in the plane following the “safe” emergency landing and the Russian passenger was being interrogated. The airport’s press service was quoted as saying the Ural Airlines passenger plane was bound for Moscow when it made the emergency landing in Baku.

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Source: Mirror


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