Safety First: How to View the Solar Eclipse in Bahrain

The "Ring of Fire" solar eclipse expected in Bahrain tomorrow between 6:20 am and 7:59 am.
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With the deepest solar eclipse in a 100 years coming up in Bahrain tomorrow, here are a few do’s and don’ts for looking at “the ring of fire”.


  • Look at the sun with naked eyes – even though you may not experience any pain since the retina lacks pain sensor cells, this could cause partial or full blindness which may develop later.
  • Use sunglasses to look at the sun – they don’t provide enough protection against UV rays & can damage the light-sensitive cells in the retina at the back of the eye.
  • Use devices such as binoculars, camera lens, welding hoods, dark-panelled glass, or homemade filters – none of these offer protection and can cause blindness.


  • Use approved solar filters or eclipse glasses.
  • Use double X-Ray films.
  • Go to the Royal Police Academy in Al Dur where an observation unit is open to the public with a telescope and solar glasses from 6:20 am to 7:50 am. Carry a valid CPR.

Gulf insider urges readers to keep safe and not look directly at the sun between 6:20 am and 7:59 am tomorrow.


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