Saudi: 11-Year-Old Commits Suicide For Not Getting “Likes” On His Posts

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A 11-year-old boy in Baha has committed suicide because he did not receive enough “likes” on the posts he had posted on social networking websites, according to sources in the Public Prosecution.

They said the boy had a passion for electronic games and he wanted to become famous on social media.

The sources said the boy posted a video clip about the world of the jinn on one of the sites but did not get a large number of “likes” from his followers. They said the boy did not stop his attempt to become famous. He posted another video about himself for which he again failed to obtain a large number of “likes”.

In desperation, he decided to end his life, the sources said. After returning from school, the boy hanged himself by an electric recharge wire, which he tied to his wardrobe.

The sources said the boy’s mother did not know about the suicide until a long time afterwards. They said the video game “Pubg Mobile” was found in the boy’s mobile phone in addition to three clips in which he talked about the jinn in deserted places.

Meanwhile, psychologists believe parents who do not closely watch their children when they use the Internet are to blame for such violent incidents.

Arwa Arab, a psychiatrist, warned that some children could be easily influenced by what they watch on the Internet. Video games often influence children and diversely affect their psychological health, she added.

She also called for closely watching shops that sell video games as some of them are dangerous and may affect the children’s beliefs, personality and behavior.


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