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Saudi: 16,000 non-performing mosque imams replaced

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance Dr. Abdullatif Al-Sheikh has warned the ministry officials and preachers against the dereliction of duties and the involvement in corrupt practices.

Al-Sheikh said that it came to the notice of the ministry that there were 16,000 posts that were occupied by imams who were not performing their duties.

The minister noted that there are 15,000 jobs of mosque servants, of whom those who fulfill their duties are a small percentage. He called for everyone’s cooperation to correct the defects and accountability of the tasks one is entrusted with. Delivering a strong message to all the ministry officials and employees, he said that employees who are reluctant to perform their duties will be referred to Nazaha, and noted that his ministry has found many violations, involving corruption related to jobs.

The minister called on all employees to report to him instance corruption or negligence over his own phone around the clock, indicating that his goal is to represent the ministry in charge of it and its workers and to get rid of the corrupt who eats ill-gotten money.

Al-Sheikh pointed out that his ministry has made progress that reached the level of “very good” in improving the situation within the ministry, and that the ambition is to rise to the level of “excellent.”

Al-Sheikh stressed that there are distinguished employees, who work diligently and with dedication in a way realizing the aspirations of both the leaders and subjects and there are those who fail due to their negligence and irresponsibility.

Al-Sheikh indicated that the ministry, in its capacity as a supervisory body, follows up the work of the branches, and every director represents the minister in his region through follow-up and diligent work and using public money and handling administrative matters in a prudent and sound manner.

The minister noted that some employees come at 7 a.m. and leave only at 2:30 p.m., but in Shariah circles, the absence is widespread with poor performance and indifference.


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