Saudi: 19 food stores shut in Mecca, Qateef for breaching health protocols

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Saudi authorities have shut down 19 businesses in Mecca and Al Qateef for breaking health protocols over the past two weeks, local media reported.

The Al Qateef municipal inspectors closed 16 food stores after they made 272 inspections and visited 1,494 businesses. They confiscated more than 4 tonnes of food unfit for human consumption.

Eng. Mohammad bin Abdul Mohsen Al Husseini, head of the Al Qateef municipality, stressed the importance of constant monitoring of all that is provided to consumers, to ensuring the safety and suitability of food.

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He said the violations included working without licensing, non-renewal of licenses, failure to meet health conditions, unhealthy handling of foodstuffs, non-compliance with the requirements of official uniforms, and advance preparation of fast-food items, and foodstuffs of unknown source and unfit for consumption meat, fish and vegetables were detected, and they were confiscated and fines were imposed on violating businesses according to municipal regulations.

The sub-municipality of Ajyad, affiliated to the Mecca municipality, closed three food trading companies due to lack of health requirements.

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The head of the sub-municipality, Eng. Bandar bin Khader Al Sharif, said field inspection teams closed three food establishments for breaking health requirements, indicating that the violations included lack of hygiene and the presence of insects inside foods, in addition to the absence of licenses and health certificates.

He said municipal penalties and fines were applied to violating stores.


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