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Saudi: 23 Asian Residents Jailed for Money Laundering

A Saudi court has sentenced 23 people of Asian origin to various prison terms after they were found guilty of money laundering charges, an official source at the Public Prosecution has stated.

The economic crimes wing of the Public Prosecution completed investigations into the criminal network, the source said, adding that the accused were carrying more than SR4 million in cash with them while trying to leave the country in a truck through one of the land crossings.

The men, who had come to the Kingdom on visit visas, divided the money between them in an attempt to hide it from the authorities.

The official source noted that investigations revealed that the huge sum of money seized from the men was earned through criminal activities and violations of a number of regulations.

He confirmed that the accused were arrested and referred to the competent court, where the evidence against them was presented.

After reviewing the case and the evidence produced, the court issued its verdict convicting all of them of the charges brought against them. Sixteen of the accused were sentenced to 15 years in prison, in addition to a financial fine of SR7 million each.

The rest of the accused were jailed for periods ranging from 4 to 8 years, as well as various amounts of financial fines.

The court ordered that the money found with the men be confiscated and that all of them be deported from Saudi Arabia after they served their respective jail terms.


Saudi Gazette

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