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Saudi: 25 People Affected By Riyadh Food Poisoning Discharged From Hospital

 Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdali, spokesman of the Ministry of Health, said that more than half of food poisoning cases in Riyadh were discharged from intensive care unit. “Among the hospitalized, 25 people were discharged from hospital after their condition improved and became stable. We have noticed a clear decline in cases over the last three days,” he said.

The spokesman said that the ministry confirms that there are no other sources to which the food poisoning cases were linked other than what was previously announced. “We underline the need to take information from its official sources and the necessity of avoiding spreading rumors and unconfirmed information,” the spokesman added.

Dr. Al-Abdali said earlier that a total of 35 people were admitted to hospitals following food poisoning from a restaurant in Riyadh. The Riyadh Mayoralty took immediate action by closing the restaurant as well as its branches and directed the central laboratory for inspections to ascertain the cause of the food poisoning.

The mayoralty also beefed up its stringent health surveillance to prevent any further cases, as well as to ensure the highest standards of environmental and public health safety.


Saudi Gazette

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