Saudi : 2600MW Solar Project To Be Launched In Makkah

solar project
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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia plans to build its 2,600 megawatts solar project in Makkah optimizing the use of hydrocarbon and mineral resources in order to achieve sustainable development of the national economy.

The 2,600-MW Faisaliah Solar Power Project is being developed by the Ministry of Energy in coordination with Development Authority of Makkah.

The memorandum of understanding insights 600 MW to be offered by the Office of Renewable Energy Projects Development (Repdo) while the Public Investment Fund and its partners will implement 2000 MW directly through the tender this year.

This step looks forward to achieve strategic goals of optimal utilization of renewable energy in accordance with the Saudi Vision 2030. Saudi Arabia plans to increase power generation from renewables rather than from burning crude.

The programme embarks about 9.5GW of solar and wind capacities for development by the year 2023. The other projects include 400MW wind project scheduled in the north of the kingdom and 300-MW MW utility-scale photovoltaic solar plant to be built in the northern Al Jouf area.