Saudi: 29 Tons Of Food Unfit For Consumption Seized

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The Saudi Food and Drug Authority has seized 29 tons of food at warehouses, factories and distribution centers in the Eastern Province during an inspection campaign for Ramadan.

The campaign, in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, covered Dammam, Al-Ahsa, Jubail and Hafr Al-Batin. It has led to the closure of a food distribution center, the issuing of 303 violations, and the seizure and destruction of 29,000 kg of food products and 16,000 liters of drinks. Legal procedures were taken against violators.

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The violations, detected through 584 inspection visits, included expired products stored with nonexpired products, rodents and their faeces in raw material storage places, not printing the production dates on products, fake expiry dates, nonconforming food products with an unknown source stored in bad conditions, and storing chemicals along production lines.


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