Saudi: 3 men arrested for tampering with ATM machines

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Three Saudi men, in their 30s and 40s, were arrested for tampering with ATM machines police said.

Their modus operandi was to insert a tool such as a fork-like device that keeps the cash slot open after an ATM withdrawal, or a glue trap to trap at least some of the cash said Major Khaled Al Kreidis, assistant media spokesman for the Riyadh police.

The men were referred to the Public Prosecution pending further investigation and trial, Major Al Kreidis said.

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He also warned of fake ATM cash dispensers placed in front of the real one.

Police warned people to stay alert of other similar ATM attacks of debit and credit card trapping, which is a method wherein criminals physically capture their target’s cards using an ATM.

“They do this by introducing a device, usually a Lebanese Loop, that prevents the card from getting ejected once a transaction is completed. Criminals steal their target’s PIN by shoulder surfing or by using a small hidden camera similar to those used in skimming,” police said.

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They warned bank customers that before they withdraw cash, it’s always worth taking a few seconds to check the machine they are about to use hasn’t been tampered with by criminals.


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