Saudi: 30% private & International schools may close

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Up to 30 percent of all private and international schools in the Kingdom are expected to close down as the Ministry of Education is forcing the schools to register in its Tadaruj system.

All private and international schools will be obliged to start registering in the system by July 2 through certified engineering offices.

The system will prevent the registration of any school that operates in a building that is not originally constructed for a school.

About 200 education experts gathered at Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) to discuss the matter. Investors have expressed concern over the ministry’s requirement and said they will restrict their activities.


Tariq Al-Harazi, head of private schools committee at JCCI, noted that the engineering offices that are assigned to evaluate the schools need to be selected with care in order to be fair to the schools.

A female investor noted that her school had been operating for decades with an accommodation permit but with the new system it faces closure. She added that her school was investigated a number of times to confirm that all education facilities were available.

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