Saudi: 400 Smart Eco-Friendly Buses For Public In 2020

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The Makkah Region Development Authority is almost at the end of the manufacturing stage of 400 buses, which comes within the Makkah public transport project. The manufacturing and procurement stage is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019, while the buses will become operational by the start of 2020.

This project aims to transport and serve the pilgrims and the city’s residents and ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

The buses will be Eco-friendly, equipped with navigation systems, automatic collection and payment systems, facilities for people with special needs, Wifi service, sophisticated air conditioning systems that cope with the city’s atmosphere, automated audio and video information systems, security systems and explanatory electronic screens.

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The Authority’s spokesperson, Eng. Jalal bin Abdul Jalil Kaaki, affirmed that “the manufacturing stage already started.” “Specialists will be carrying out the examination and evaluation part through several stages.”

“With the first two stages of examination and evaluation completed, the work is now focused on the execution of the third and final stage. It will include the testing of a prototype on the streets of Vienne, Austria and on the streets of Makkah, in addition to testing the vehicle’s fuel and air conditioning efficiency,” he added, noting that “all is going according to the scheduled time frame.”

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The signing of the manufacturing and procurement contract with the Saudi company Nesma and the Spanish TNC was sponsored by Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, the Governor of Makkah Region.

The contract includes the operation and maintenance provisions for ten operational years and procuring, operating and maintaining 400 buses at a total cost of SR3.2bn ($853m).


Source: Arab News

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