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Saudi adds 18 new benefits to health insurance policy

The decision to add 18 new benefits to the health insurance policy, which was made by the Council of Health Insurance, have came into force.

The new additions to the health insurance policy include improvements in 10 other benefits, the most prominent of which are obesity operations, kidney transplantation, and raising the mental health coverage to SR50,000.

The updated health insurance policy aims to realize seven main objectives, namely boosting the prevention of disease for the beneficiaries, health promotion, reduction of complications of the disease, improving the capacity of beneficiaries, facilitating access to the service category, empowering beneficiaries, and enhancing service quality and efficiency.

The number of updated benefits have been added pertaining to exploratory preventive tests, and vaccinations, apart from focusing on women’s health, obesity operations, and kidney transplantation, as the value of hemodialysis coverage has been raised.

Also the maximum coverage for mental health has been raised to SR50,000 from SR15,000 for acute and chronic psychiatric cases.

New updates have been applied to private health insurance policies (issued or renewed) from Oct. 1 onwards. The policy has also specified a maximum of SR1 million for each person’s benefit from the year of the policy.

In addition, increased support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with more than SR500,000 from the Health Insurance Fund program.



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