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Saudi: Al-Ajlan Heritage Mosque reopens in Buraidah

Al-Ajlan Heritage Mosque in Qassim region is one of the oldest heritage buildings in the region, and is a part of Prince Muhammad Bin Salman for Historical Mosques Renovation, under which 30 mosques in 10 regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be restored and rehabilitated.

The historical importance of Al-Ajlan Mosque is due to being one of the oldest mosques and it was located outside the old wall of Buraidah. It was established more than 350 years ago.

In addition to being a place of prayer and worship, the mosque is a cultural and scholarly beacon for the people of the region, where lessons and lectures were held.

The mosque used to play a social role where people learned writing and the Holy Qur’an and held meetings to discuss their daily affairs and solve problems and disputes.

Al-Ajlan Mosque was built in the Najdi style of clay and stone and has a roof built from Tamarix and palm fronds, with a total area of about 90 square meters, accommodating about 33 worshipers.

The mosque consists of a prayer house, Al-Sarha, toilets and places for ablution, and a minaret made of iron in the north of the mosque.


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