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Saudi: All public sector employees to return to workplaces next week

After looking at the reports of the working team on health indicators and data in the cities and governorates of the Kingdom, all public sector employees will return to workplaces as of Sunday, Aug. 30, 2020.

The return of the workforce will be with the commitment to apply preventive protocols in workplaces, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) cited an official source at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development as stating on Saturday.

The official source further said that the head of the authority or agency or whoever he delegates has the authority to assign a number of the entity’s employees to work remotely, provided the following conditions are complied with:

  1. The percentage of those working remotely does not exceed 25% of the entity’s (authority’s) employees
  2. The government agency should enable those who will be working remotely to perform their duties
  3. The groups most at risk of infection will continue working remotely according to the classification of the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control
  4. The attendance of employees will continue according to the flexible hours’ system
  5. Suspension of the requirement of fingerprints will continue.

The official source stressed the need to adhere to the implementation of preventive protocols in public sector workplaces published on the website of the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control.


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