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Saudi Arabia: 10 Expats Nabbed in Riyadh Over Knife Brawl

Saudi police said they had arrested 10 Yemeni expatriates involved in a mass brawl that had left two persons injured in the capital Riyadh.

The quarrel erupted among them in which knives had been wielded due to an unspecified dispute among them, police added in a statement.

“They were arrested, legal procedures were taken and they were referred to public prosecution,” they added.

Saudi authorities have recently made arrests in connection to different violence cases and law-breaking incidents.

Last week, the Riyadh police said they had arrested an unspecified number of people suspected of involvement in a car hit-and-shooting incident in Al Kharj governorate south east of the Saudi capital. The violence, due to an unspecified row, left two dead and two others wounded.

Police last week announced killing one man and injuring another in Riyadh after they had robbed SR1 million from a vehicle for money transfer.

A police patrol chased the suspected robbers, damaged their car, and forced them to leave it. The duo seized another car after shooting and injuring its driver, police said. In response, police exchanged fire with the culprits, resulting in the killing of one of them, injuring and arresting the other. The robbed money was retrieved from them.

Earlier this month, police also in Riyadh arrested two persons after one of them shot in the air and the other filmed the unlawful act and posted it on social media in violation of the anti-cybercrime law.


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