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Saudi Arabia allows external loudspeakers for Friday prayer

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance has allowed the use of the external loudspeakers for Fridays and the two Eids and have issued directives to all of the ministry’s branches and all the staff of mosques and the support staff.

The new directive allows the use of an external loudspeaker fitted on the mosque’s wall and directed towards the worshipers standing in rows outside the mosque so that they can hear the sermon and prayer on Fridays and during the two Eids.

The objective is to allow the Imam’s voice to be heard while he is making the sermon and leading the worshipers in prayer, particularly for those praying outside the mosque.

The ministry explained that the officials of mosques started implementing the directives immediately following their issuance while some are still in the process of carrying out the directives. Hence, this resulted in some remarks and observations at several mosques on Friday.


Saudi Gazette

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