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Saudi Arabia authorities foil bids to smuggle drugs into Kingdom

Security officials in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday thwarted several attempts to smuggle large quantities of drugs into the Kingdom.

Coastal patrols in Ras Tanura foiled a bid to sneak 495,481 amphetamine tablets into the country, while naval patrols in Khafji in the Eastern Province had stopped 241 kilograms of hashish and 419,000 amphetamine pills.

Maritime security officers in Haql, Tabuk also undermined a smuggling operation involving 334,000 amphetamine tablets.

Legal procedures had been completed and the drugs seized had been handed over to the relevant authorities.

In addition, 56 kgs of hashish had been seized in the Asir region. The drugs had been confiscated during two security operations and two Ethiopian nationals were arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution.


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