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Saudi Arabia Bans Tattoos, Tanning at Barbershops

Tanning, tattoo, laser and acupuncture devices are banned at barbershops in Saudi Arabia as part of operation rules set for these businesses in the kingdom, according to a media report.

Local sources, citing government draft regulations, reported that these shops are banned from using medical devices as classified by the Saudi Drug and Food Authority (SDFA) and the Ministry of Health.

Likewise, products of unknown origin or pharmaceutical items are banned. Operators are obligated to observe safety instructions issued by the SDFA.

If children’s hair cutting is part of the shop’s business, then special seats for them must be provided, according to the draft. Workers must be males only.

Women are allowed to work in the barbershops if their business is confined to cutting the children’s hair with the whole labour being females and males’ entry forbidden.

These shops are, moreover, prohibited from offering house services without obtaining a special permit from authorities.

While customers’ personal kits are allowed to be used, they are banned from being stored in the shop. Nor is the hair removal service allowed inside the shop except for the face or the head. In addition, tools used for hair cutting must be made from non-rusting substances such the stainless steel. They must be kept in clean, special drawers.

The shop is not allowed to serve as housing for employees, according to the regulations drafted by the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing.


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