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Saudi Arabia blacklists 19 individuals and entities for supporting Houthis

Saudi Arabia’s Presidency of State Security blacklisted eight individuals and 11 entities over their activities that support the “terrorist” Iran-backed Houthi militia in Yemen, the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on Tuesday.

Blacklisted individuals

Saleh bin Mohammed bin Hamad bin Shajea, Yemeni citizen
Nabil bin Abdullah bin Ali al-Wazir, Yemeni citizen
Ismael bin Ibrahim al-Wazir, Yemeni citizen
Qusay bin Ibrahim al-Wazir, Yemeni citizen
Ali bin Nasser Qarsha, Yemeni citizen
Zaid bin Ali bin Yahya al-Sharfi, Yemeni citizen
Abdullah bin Abkar Abdelbari, Yemeni citizen
Saddam bin Ahmad bin Mohammed al-Faqih, Yemeni citizen

Blacklisted entities

Sam Oil Company for Trading and Oil Services Ltd.
Al-Zahraa for Trade and Agencies
Yemen Towers and Black Gold Company
Fuel Oil for Import of Petroleum Products
Salm Road for Trade and Import
Abkar Oil Services
Al-Faqih International for Trade, Industry and Oil Services Ltd.
Saba International for Tobacco Ltd.
Oil Primer
Yemen Abbott Trading Company, Ltd.
Sahary for Exchange and Money Transfers

The Yemeni individuals blacklisted are involved in activities that range from providing financial support to the Houthis to facilitating funding of the militia and smuggling Iranian fuel to it.

Four of them – bin Shajea, Qarsha, al-Sharfi, al-Faqih – are directly linked to al-Qaeda organization too.

Qarsha, for instance, works directly with al-Qaeda and facilitates cooperation between Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and the Houthis. He is also the founder of Black Gold Company and other oil companies which smuggle and purchase Iranian oil.

Sharfi owns Salm Road for Trade and Import and Oil Primer, and he is also a member of the board of directors of Sam Oil Company for Trading and Oil Services Ltd., SPA reported, adding that all three companies facilitate smuggling Iranian oil to the Houthi militia.

The blacklisted entities which are all headquartered in Yemen are all involved in activities that facilitate the Houthis’ financial services, SPA added.

Based on the Kingdom’s system on combating terror crimes and on the executive mechanisms of relevant UN Security Council resolutions, the assets of all blacklisted individuals and entities must be frozen. “Dealing with [these individuals and entities] directly or indirectly or on their behalf or in their favor is prohibited,” the Presidency of State Security said.



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