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Saudi Arabia builds new 72km Jeddah-Mecca highway for pilgrims

Saudi Arabia is currently building the new 72km Jeddah-Mecca highway, which includes four lanes in each direction, and is designed to serve 30 million Umrah pilgrims annually.

The journey time on the fastest road leading from Jeddah to Mecca is 35 minutes, after the speed of vehicles was set at 140km per hour.

The road also connects King Abdulaziz Airport with the holy capital of Mecca directly, which helping the transportation of pilgrims. The project also contributes to reducing traffic congestion on existing roads, especially the Haramain Highway.

The project includes four main lanes in each direction, and starts from its first point in Mecca from the intersection of the third ring road on the side of Al Fayhaa neighbourhood, and ends in Jeddah at the airport bridge adjacent to the Aramco refinery, next to King Abdulaziz International Airport.

It will serve the neighbourhoods located in the north of Jeddah and travellers to the jewel stadium and the airport. It will also facilitate the movement of pilgrims during the Haj and Umrah seasons, to avoid crowds, especially on the Al Haramain road.


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