Saudi Arabia gates of hell: new images reveal secrets of ancient mystery structures

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Images taken from a helicopter flying at low altitude have shown in never-before-seen detail the mysterious neolithic structures dubbed the Saudi Arabian “Gates of Hell” and may shed more light on archaeological treasures yet to be uncovered in the Gulf kingdom.

The hundreds of 9,000-year-old structures initially baffled experts when they were seen in satellite imagery. The Stone Age walls, found built in volcanic fields in Saudi Arabia’s remote Harrat Khaybar region, were named the ‘Gates Of Hell’ because their short, thick connecting piles of brick resembled barred gates when viewed from above.

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As well as the gate-like structures, archaeologists also identified a series of ancient walls that resembled kite shapes and round constructions that have been referred to as both wheels and bulls eyes.

While the stone creations were known for generations by local bedouin tribes as “works of the old men,” they were first documented in the Western archaeological community by David Kennedy from the University of Western Australia who has identified around 400 stone walls.

Source Credit: News week
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