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Saudi Arabia: Historic Al-Issawiya Mosque in Al-Jouf reopens after renovation

The historic Al-Issawiyah Mosque is located in the center of Al-Issawiya center in Al-Jouf region, which is about 90 km east of Qurayyat Governorate, and about 40 km west of the Tabarjal.

The mosque’s historical importance is due to being one of the oldest mosques in Al-Issawiyah Center, which was a border crossing point before the foundation of Qurayyat. Since it is the only mosque where Friday prayer is held, people come to the mosque from neighboring areas to pray.

After being renovated as a part of Prince Mohammed bin Salman Project for Historical Mosques Renovation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the mosque consists of a prayer house, Al-Sarha, a prayer room for women, toilets, ablution places for men and women, and a minaret.


Saudi Press Agency
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