Saudi Arabia To Host Its First Ever Falconry Exhibition

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The Saudi Falcons Club has announced the first Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition, which will be held in Riyadh on December 4th to 8th.

Organized under the direction of the king and crown prince, the exhibition aims to preserve national heritage and promote it to young Saudis through their participation and presence in traditional events.

More than 250 exhibitors from the Kingdom, the Gulf and the wider world will participate.
The event will feature simulations of hunting trips and wildlife to provide visitors with an authentic experience.

Booths and stalls will introduce wildlife and the hobby of falcon hunting. There will also be booths for hospitals and veterinary centres, hunting and camping equipment, firearms, falcon breeders, tracking devices, craftsmanship and virtual reality.

The exhibition will include a falcon and camel auction, as well as lectures. It aims to preserve the hobby of falcon hunting and breeding, given that Saudi Arabia is on the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) list of falcon-breeding countries.

The Kingdom is home to various types of local falcons and is a pathway for others that migrate across the country.


Source Credit: Arab News


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