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Saudi Arabia initiates home quarantine for returning citizens

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The Ministry of Health announced that it has begun implementing a new mechanism of home quarantine for citizens arriving in the Kingdom from abroad. The returnees will be quarantined in their homes in accordance with specific regulations.

Under the system, the returning citizens will be subjected to health screening at the airport and have to give a pledge and then proceed to their homes to remain in quarantine for a stipulated period of time.

However, there is a condition that home shall have suitable facilities for quarantine in accordance with the guidelines for quarantine and home medical isolation issued by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Weqaya).

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The guidelines include the definition of quarantine at home, which is “separating the person who is infected or suspected of having an infection at home in a way that prevents the spread of the disease.

The guidelines also deal with the definition of cases requiring home quarantine and the criteria for home quarantine and medical isolation of positive cases and the mechanism for ending medical isolation.


The guidelines include the requirements for the place reserved for home quarantine and offer tips for isolation at home as well as preventive measures for individuals living with the patient.

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The ministry urged that anyone, who has symptoms or wants to screen, can use the self-assessment service in the application Mawid or visit any of the 214 Tatamman health clinics that have been set up by the ministry to serve those who have symptoms or call the number (937) Service Center for consultations and inquiries round the clock.



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