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Saudi Arabia Launches E-platform to Streamline Estate Division

 In a move to modernize estate distribution, Saudi Justice Minister Walid Al Samaani has unveiled a comprehensive e-platform dedicated to this process.

Announced at the Real Estate Future Forum in Riyadh, the platform is designed to facilitate and accelerate the journey from the demise of a decedent to the final allocation of estates to heirs.

Al Samaani highlighted the platform’s commitment to simplifying estate distribution, enhancing digital efficiency, and reducing conflicts related to estate division. This innovative system is engineered to streamline the categorization of estates, provide tailored solutions for various complexities, and automate much of the distribution process.

The platform features three primary components: the determination and notarization pathway, the amicable distribution pathway, and the enforced distribution pathway. Each pathway is designed to address specific needs within the estate distribution process.

Particularly noteworthy is the determination and notarization pathway. This pathway allows heirs to effortlessly acquire a certificate of heirship and an estate certificate. It achieves this through integrated data exchanges with key authorities, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Saudi Central Bank, and the Capital Market Authority, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.


Saudi Gazette

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