Saudi Arabia launches ‘make it green’ campaign to plant 10 million trees

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Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture launched the “Let’s make it green” campaign on Saturday – an initiative aimed at planting 10 million trees across the Kingdom.

Over the next six months, trees will be planted in approximately165 sites to tackle deforestation.

The campaign was launched with several Saudi ministries tweeting tree emojis in a push to promote the planting of trees in the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia loses 120,000 hectares of trees every year through destruction and the logging industry.

The environment ministry explained that the campaign comes as part of its efforts to work on developing natural vegetation cover and restoring biological diversity in natural environments, as well as rehabilitating degraded vegetation sites.

The campaign also aims to promote positive behavior to preserve and protect the environment.

Trees and shrubs that are threatened with extinction due to overgrazing, logging and uprooting, as well as the urban expansion will also be planted,

The Ministry of Environment reported that the campaign also aims to create a number of national parks, to spread seeds in a number of areas, and to plant forests in the Najran and Al-Baha regions.


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