Saudi Arabia needs its expat workforce

Image used for illustrative purposes only.
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Let us take a look at some of the activities these workers are engaged in. To begin with, Saudi municipal workers comprise large numbers of expatriate workers industriously engaged in keeping the cities clean and carting the trash away. As Saudi Arabia’s cities strain from a growing population, so do the amount of litter and garbage that have to be removed. And this is being judiciously done by the expatriate workers.

When we have to get around and use taxis or hire limousines, we are usually chauffeured around by expatriate drivers. And when our personal vehicles need to be serviced or repaired, the task is generally accomplished by expatriate technicians.

Most of these tasks are being undertaken by expatriate workers because Saudis show little inclination to do them. These workers are not taking jobs away from Saudis, but, instead, are performing a service essential to all of us and in most cases they are doing them well.

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