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Saudi Arabia restricts use of external loudspeakers at mosques

The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance Sheikh Dr. Abullatif Bin Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh issued a circular on Sunday to all of the ministry’s branches in the Kingdom’s regions, instructing the employees in mosques to restrict the use of external loudspeakers to call the faithful to prayer (Adhan) and Iqamat-ul-salah (the second call for the congregational prayer).

Furthermore, the volume must not exceed one-third of the full volume of loudspeakers. The minister warned that regulatory measures would be taken against anyone who violates this circular.

This circular comes in the wake of the ministry noticing that external loudspeakers are used during the performing of prayers. This harms patients, old people, and children in the houses in the vicinity of the mosques.


Saudi Gazette

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