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Saudi Arabia sees 10% increase in consumer spending

The consumer spending in the Kingdom witnessed an increase by 10% as Saudi Arabia’s population spent about SR88.5 billion during last February, the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) announced.

SAMA’s data clarified that consumer spending in Saudi Arabia rose during the month of February 2022 to SR88.5 billion, compared to about SR80.23 billion during the same month in the previous year.

The value of sales through sales’ points increased by 25% to about SR38.88 billion through 496.3 million transactions and via 1.09 million devices, compared to 2021 when it reached SR31.05 at the same time.

According to SAMA’s data, the cash withdrawal process from ATMs decreased by 7% reaching about SR41.7 billion in February, and was done through 16,500 ATMs and via 113.8 million transactions.


Saudi Gazette
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