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Saudi Arabia to allow direct entry for all travellers with single jab

Saudi Arabia will allow direct entry from all countries for all people who received one dose of the coronavirus vaccine from within the Kingdom, starting from 1:00 am on Saturday, Dec. 4.

The travellers have required to spend three days in institutional quarantine after their arrival. Citizens of Turkey, Lebanon, Ethiopia and Afghanistan will benefit from the new decision.

All travellers who administered one dose of any of the approved vaccines against coronavirus from inside the Kingdom are not required to spend 14 days in quarantine in a third country before their arrival in the Kingdom.

On Thursday it was announced that Saudi would allow direct entry from six countries effective from 1:00 am on Wednesday, Dec. 1 without spending 14-day quarantine in a third country. The countries that included in the list are Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Brazil and Vietnam. All those who come from these countries are required to spend five days in institutional quarantine, regardless of their immunization status outside the Kingdom.


Saudi Gazette

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