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Saudi Arabia To Establish Marketing Offices for Tourist Destinations

Saudi Arabia will establish marketing offices for its tourist destinations as part of the efforts to attract more tourists and achieve the goal of turning the Kingdom into a major tourist destination at the national and global levels. This is one of the rules to regulate the Saudi Tourism Authority, approved by the Council of Ministers last week.

Minister of Tourism and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Tourism Authority Ahmed Al-Khateeb said the Council of Ministers’ approval of the rules related to the authority’s organization confirms the government’s continued support for the tourism sector so as to achieve the sector’s goals, aligned with the Vision 2030. Al-Khateeb stressed that the tangible development that the authority is witnessing is the result of the government’s interest in organizing and supporting the tourism sector in general, and the authority in particular.

The regulation, laid out 24 commitments for the authority to highlight the Kingdom as a tourist destination globally and locally, as well as to attract visitors to it, the most prominent of which is working with government agencies related to tourism to establish marketing offices for the tourist destinations as well as to supervise marketing plans of the tourist offices, setting visit targets, and spending in a way that enhances the role of the private sector in this respect.

The Cabinet approved the organization of the Saudi Tourism Authority to achieve the tourism sector’s goals aligning with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and enable it to play its pivotal role in promoting the Kingdom as a tourist destination at the regional and international levels.

According to the provisions of the new regulation, the authority must do everything necessary in order to achieve its goals in formulating the necessary plans and policies for tourism marketing in the Kingdom at the national and international levels, and fulfilling what is necessary for it. The regulation also envisages marketing the destinations, and proposing its development in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism, in addition to supporting activities and events held by government agencies and the private sector, and marketing them as well.

The regulation stipulates that the authority shall create a database containing all sites, tourist destinations, resorts, services and events and update it periodically, in cooperation with the relevant authorities. It shall undertake activities related to the promotion of Umrah packages, including developing and managing any platform prepared for this purpose, in coordination with the relevant agencies. This is in addition to working to measure the visitor experience, develop the necessary standards, tools and mechanisms, determine the priorities and challenges facing tourists, and share the results and performance reports with the ministry.

The authority shall propose the necessary designs, policies and procedures to prepare the development of tourist sites and destinations that need rehabilitation or modernization, and submit them to the Ministry of Tourism, in addition to working with distinguished local and international companies and institutions, to provide products and tools with professional content, and to benefit from its expertise in tourism marketing in the Kingdom.

The regulation also stipulates that the authority shall work with the private sector to develop products, display them in markets and platforms for tourism marketing locally and internationally, and prepare marketing studies and research on opportunities to develop the visitor experience in the Kingdom, in addition to cooperating and exchanging experiences with regional and international bodies and organizations in this field inside and outside the Kingdom, within the limits of its jurisdiction.

The authority must carry out marketing campaigns inside and outside the Kingdom to introduce tourism sites and products, prepare trademarks, register them and any other intellectual property rights related to tourism marketing in the name of the authority, and exercise any actions related to them and benefit from them, in accordance with the relevant regulations.

According to the new regulation, the authority shall develop media plans that support tourism marketing, implement them inside and outside the Kingdom, and hold and organize tourism forums, conferences, and exhibitions inside and outside Saudi Arabia, and participate in them in coordination with the relevant authorities.

The authority shall provide administrative, technical and advisory assistance to owners of tourism products in the Kingdom and their marketing, and support projects related to small and medium enterprises, in cooperation with the competent authorities, in addition to developing and implementing training programs aimed at raising the efficiency of tourism marketing, and contributing to the qualification and training of human cadres in this field, and that is in cooperation with local and international training agencies.

The authority is also entrusted to supervise promotional campaigns and advertisements for destinations, and suggest investment opportunities to the ministry that are required to improve the tourism experience in the country for all tourism routes determined by the authority, in light of the tourism sector strategy.

The authority shall coordinate with the Ministry of Tourism, government agencies, and the private sector to develop a policy for marketing destinations and distributing tourism products outside the Kingdom, in a way that ensures concerted efforts and enhances the country’s position as a global tourist destination. The authority shall determine the tourist routes in light of the tourism sector strategy, in coordination with the ministry, and work with the authorities concerned with each route to ensure the provision of an experience consistent with the highest global standards.

The authority also enhances its ability to achieve the aspirations and goals of the tourism sector in addition to enabling it to play its pivotal role in promoting the Kingdom in its capacity as a leading tourist destination at the regional and international levels, as well as to attract visitors from all over the world, in addition to developing products, empowering the private tourism sector, and participating in the most important local and international tourism forums and events.


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