Saudi Arabia To Send Imams To 35 Countries During Ramadan Season

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The Ministry of Islamic Affairs has approved the delegation of 70 imams to lead Taraweeh (after Isha) and Tahajud (late night) prayers in 35 countries of the world during the holy month of Ramadan.

It has been the custom of the ministry to send imams to the other countries of the world during Ramadan to lead prayers and enlighten Muslims about their religion.

The imams would provide guidance to the Muslims, explain the true tenets of Islam to them and further enlighten them about the moderate approach of the faith in all matters.

“The imams have been picked up from the Shariah colleges. They are all well versed in the religion and have memorized the Qur’an,” the ministry added.

Al-Asheikh has said the mosques are usually filled with worshippers during the month of Ramadan so it is a valuable opportunity for the imams to invest their time in providing them with guidance and enlightenment.

“The imams will spread the moderate message of Islam and foster ties between the Kingdom and the host countries,” he said.

The ministry held a workshop for them to further enlighten them about the best means and methods of propagating Islam abroad.

They also met with a number of senior officials and discussed with them the ministry’s assignments during Ramadan as well as the Haj and Umrah seasons.


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