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Saudi Arabia: Up to SR 20 million fine for water pollution

Companies and individuals pollute Saudi waters will face fines of up to SR20 million in a new campaign to protect the marine environment.

The list of offenses includes oil pollution and spills of hazardous material. The list also includes leaks and loss of naval cargo in the Kingdom’s internal, territorial, and adjacent waters, as well as the exclusive economic zone or the continental shelf.

The new rules ban the removal of rocks, pebbles, beach sand and marine sediment.

It is also illegal to carry out any filling work, dredging, reclamation of beaches, and establishing or removing breakwaters, seawalls, coastal construction or exploration or excavation work without a permit from the National Center for Environmental Compliance.

Special provisions related to licensing marine sports activities also ban marine sports and diving activities that do not use environment-friendly engines or obtain permits from the NCEC.


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