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Saudi Arabia’s Inflation Rate Remains Stable in Four Months

Saudi Arabia’s inflation rate has remained relatively stable over the past four months, reaching 2.7% in March and April 2023, achieving relative stability over the past four months of 2023.

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported that this was thanks to the robustness of the Kingdom’s economy and the significant positive impact of the measures and actions that the Kingdom has been taking to cope with rising inflation rates.

The Kingdom’s inflation rates maintain a reasonable level and balanced proportions compared to those in most of the world, and during April 2023, inflation rose slightly, to 2.7%, over April of last year.

Economic experts and analysts emphasise that the reasonable and balanced inflation rates that are witnessed are part of the dynamic of this society’s economy and its ability to protect itself from potential crises

They added that unreasonable and unbalanced inflation is an indicator of economic stagnation or immense economic challenges in societies.


Saudi Gazette

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