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Saudi Arabia’s Move to Allow Expats to Set up Law Firms

Saudi Arabia is considering allowing foreign law firms, which are licensed to practice the legal profession in Saudi Arabia, to establish companies wholly owned by non-Saudis to enhance foreign investment, according to the National Competitiveness Center (NCC).

In a post on its X platform, the NCC sought opinion of the public with regard to a proposal by the Ministry of Justice for a project to amend the first paragraph of Article 50 of the Kingdom’s Code of Law Practice. The amendment aims to allow foreign law firms, licensed to practice the profession in the Kingdom, to establish a professional company, wholly owned by non-Saudis, to provide legal advice in Saudi regulations, and to plead before the courts in accordance with the controls specified by the regulations, through a Saudi lawyer registered in the register of practicing lawyers.

According to information posted on the Istitlaa platform, the project aims to develop the legal profession, raise the quality of its practice, the efficiency of its practice, and localize global expertise. This is in addition to enhancing the Kingdom’s competitiveness, improving its business environment, and raising the efficiency of the justice system by raising the level of professionalism in the legal profession.

The project will also contribute to achieving Saudi Arabia’s goals in stimulating foreign investment, moving the regional headquarters of international companies to Saudi Arabia, and creating more qualitative job opportunities for citizens directly and indirectly.


Saudi Gazette

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