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Saudi: Around 11,000 violating cars seized in Jeddah

Almost 11,000 vehicles were seized in Jeddah last year over traffic violations, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Violations included random parking in residential neighborhoods, tankers pumping water, and waste disposal in unauthorized locations, according to the undersecretary for sub-municipalities, Mohammed Al-Mutairi.

He said that the Department of Monitoring Transport Vehicles of the Sub-Municipalities, in coordination with relevant authorities, carried out field trips to implement regulations and combat negative practices in the city’s neighborhoods.

These field trips resulted in the seizure of 10,892 vehicles that had breached regulations. Legal procedures were carried out against them in line with fines and penalties for municipal violations.

The seizures are part of the municipality’s efforts to combat and prevent visual pollution and improve the urban landscape.

Al-Mutairi added that the municipality would continue to monitor vehicles and implement regulatory procedures in order to prevent negative practices within neighborhoods.

He thanked residents for their cooperation in eliminating municipal violations by reporting them through the Reports and Complaints System 940 or through the Balady smartphone app.


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