Saudi: Around 245 Labor Lawsuits Filed Daily

Expats who are married or related to Emiratis will not be deported unless they threaten national security.
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Labor courts in the Kingdom have been directed to settle all labor lawsuits on an urgent basis, according to Saudi Gazette.

Also, sources in the Ministry of Justice have revealed that a total of 2,931 lawsuits and cases were filed in the labor courts and circuits in August. Of these, 59% were related to payment of wages followed by other cases comprising 25%.

The number of cases filed daily ranged between 133 and 358, with an average of 245 cases daily. Riyadh, Makkah and the Eastern Province topped the list with 67% of the total number of filed cases.

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The Ministry of Justice has said that a labor lawsuit begins with the worker or employer submitting an application to the pertinent Labor Office so as to settle the dispute amicably. The period for reaching an amicable settlement is 21 days. Once this period elapses, the concerned Labor Office refers to the dispute to labor courts electronically for adjudication.

As to cases concerning domestic workers and others of the same category, a dispute is referred to a committee. Regulations specify five days for reaching an amicable settlement.

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In case of no settlement, the committee has 10 days to issue its decision. If the pertinent committee cannot reach a decision, then the Labor Court will be handed over a grievance petition from the party against whom the decision has been issued.


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