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Saudi Arrests Over 12,770 in Residency and Labour Operations

Saudi Arabia arrested more than 12,770 people in the past week as it looks to stop residency, labour and security breaches. The announcement was made by the Ministry of Interior in a social media post identifying 12,777 arrests between June 8 and June 14. The Ministry said the arrests were made by multiple security agencies in the Kingdom during the past week.

Saudi residency, labour and security arrests

The arrests included:

  • 6,695 residency violations
  • 3,960 border security rule violations
  • 2,122 labour law violations

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior also said 628 people had been arrested attempting to cross borders into the Kingdom. Meanwhile, 87 were apprehended while trying to exit the country.

Anybody attempting to aid illegal entry into KSA faces a 15-year jail term and a fine of up to SR1m ($267,000).

The Kingdom currently has more than 31,504 people facing procedures regarding residency, border security and labour law violations, including:

  • 24,924 referred to their embassies to obtain travel documents
  • 1,879 referred to complete reservations
  • 7,557 deported


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