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Saudi: Assailants Convicted in Qatif Run-Over Incident Jailed for 15-Years

A Saudi court in the Qatif governorate in the Eastern Province sentenced two Saudi citizens convicted in a run-over and robbery incident that took place in December 2022. The culprits were arrested after they appeared in a shocking video clip in which they were seen running over a person with a vehicle and stealing his valuables.

An official source at the Public Prosecution said that the court awarded the convicts jail terms of 15 years each, and confiscated the vehicle used in the crime. The Public Prosecution Office submitted an objection to the ruling, demanding that the culprits must be given more stringent punishment in view of the heinousness of their crime.

Earlier, the Public Prosecution referred their case to the competent court after completing investigations. The charges framed against them included the formation of an organised criminal gang and attempted murder and robbery by intentionally and aggressively hitting the victim with their vehicle and robbing his valuables.

A surveillance camera in a nearby house documented the incident, and the video was circulated on social media. The clip showed a silver car swerving suddenly and quickly toward a person walking through the street and hitting him. Eventually, he fell to the ground and was unable to get up. After this, one of the assailants got out of the car and snatched his valuables, then got in the car again and fled the scene.


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