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Saudi Authorities Bust Massive Smuggling Attempt Of Rotten Meat During Eid Al Adha

 The Jeddah Governorate Mayoralty foiled the smuggling of rotten meat of 1,243 sacrificial animals at five governorate border checkpoints during the Eid Al-Adha holidays. The mayoralty officials seized 109 vehicles that were used to transport the rotten sacrificial meat in illegal ways without having any refrigerated storage facilities.

The mayoralty stated that inspection teams from its branch municipalities of South Jeddah, Umm Al-Salam, Taiba, Briman, and the Department of Slaughterhouses and Public Utility Markets, in cooperation with the security authorities, were able to seize and confiscate slaughtered animals unfit for human consumption from the checkpoints. The seized 1,225 slaughtered animals that were unfit for human consumption were destroyed.

The mayoralty also removed 409 illegal livestock enclosures and 527 random slaughterhouses. Moreover, action was taken against 1,594 vehicles selling sheep in unauthorized locations.


Saudi Gazette

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