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Saudi: Authorities thwart attempts to smuggle Captagon pills

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) announced that it had thwarted six attempts to smuggle more than 1.4 million Captagon pills at the Al-Haditha Port, on Friday.

The Captagon pills were found hidden inside of a consignment, as they detected it through security techniques, in addition to the live means “police dogs” at the port.

In the first smuggling attempt, 338,372 pills were found hidden inside the radiator of a truck. Meanwhile, 405,813 pills were found hidden in the floor of a truck in the second attempt, while in the third attempt, 303,488 pills were found with the same previous smuggling method.

A fourth smuggling attempt was thwarted, where 230,232 pills were found hidden and disguised as men’s clothing consignment. In the fifth attempt, 119,767 pills were seized after the smuggler had hidden them inside the vehicle’s tires. In the sixth attempt, the port managed to thwart 27,907 pills, where the pills were found hidden in the luggage of a passenger coming to the Kingdom, as he was detected coming by one of the buses.

As a result, 4 people were arrested inside the Kingdom.


Saudi Gazette

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