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Saudi bans cooking gas from holy sites during Hajj

The General Directorate of Civil Defense has confirmed the ban on the entry and usage of all kinds and sizes of cooking gas cylinders in pilgrims’ camps and the offices of government agencies located in the holy sites.

The Civil Defense stated that the ban will come into force as of the morning of the first day of the Hijri month Dhul-Hijjah.

All prohibited items, which include gas stoves and cylinders that may be used for cooking purposes, will be confiscated, the Civil Defense warned, stressing that the legal procedures will be applied on anyone found violating the set rules and regulations.

The fire prevention and safety supervision teams of the Civil Defense will carry out comprehensive field and inspection tours of all offices of government agencies and commercial establishments in the holy sites to ensure that LPG is not used on their premises in Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat during the Hajj season to ensure the safety, health and security of pilgrims.

The decision to ban cooking gas from the holy sites came within the framework of the preventive measures imposed by the Civil Defense to reduce the risks of fire during the preparation of pilgrims’ camps, as well as during the period of the pilgrims’ stay there to complete the rituals of the Hajj.


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