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Saudi bans ‘nightwear’ in sport stadiums

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Saudi Arabia’s sports authority has banned anyone “inappropriately dressed” from entering stadiums or facilities. A statement issued by the General Sports Authority said Turki al Alshikh, who was appointed chairman by royal decree in September, instructed sports officials to refuse entry to “inappropriately dressed” patrons.

“This is in light of the fact that football matches and some sports games are broadcast live and are watched by people of different ages,” the statement read. “It is a decision that will have a considerable impact on Al-Hilal team fans’ attendance,” wrote one social media user, “given that most of them wear this garment when attending [games].”

Others supporting the decision questioned why the rule had not also been applied to mosques. Since the ban was announced on 10 October, the hashtag “banning nightwear in stadiums” has been used close to 60,000 times on Twitter.

Source Credit: BBC News
Read full story: http://bbc.in/2wQb7Rl



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